Build your own brand

Your spirit deserves its own, distinctive identity and form. Choose from a range of custom bottles, corks and packaging, and design your own personalised label with your name on it. We’ll help you make your product packaging and image stand out. We have created and designed many bespoke spirits expressions and they never fail to impress. We can take care of the whole process, or advise your team, helping to ensure that your product will be exclusive and individual in every way.

Developing, distilling, bottling and labelling custom branded spirits.

Why it′s worth

There is no better or unique way of promoting your brand than presenting it alongside its own whisky, gin or tequila.

Global connections

We are operating quickly and effciently, using our experience and contacts in the industry to create and sell unique spirit brands.

Over 30 years of experience

Our expert services includes advice on maturation and the final composition of the spirit you are buying.

We have created and designed many bespoke whisky expressions and they never fail to impress. We can take care of the whole process, or advise your team, helping to ensure that your whisky will be exclusive and individual in every way.

Build your own brand


Our team will make sure that the name you have chosen is properly secured for trademark, and that it will work well in the selected market. The creative department of Whisky & Spirits can also propose the name and the entire story related to the brand, taking into account the historical background or aspects that will make the brand you create unique and strongly affect consumers.

Build your own brand


You can choose from a wide range of different bottle types, making your spirit stand out in form. We are able to offer you a very wide range of different bottles so that you can choose the one that best suits your expectations. Importantly, our experience allows us to assess and indicate to you all the advantages and potential challenges related to the type of bottle you are interested in, both in terms of label design and transport and storage.

Build your own brand

Cork or cap

You can personalise your spirit to the smallest details, even having an option to choose a cork or screw cap that you’ll use. It is the smallest of details that make a product stand out on the store shelf and attract the attention of customers.

Build your own brand


We are cooperating with designers and artists, helping our clients create exclusive and eye catching labels. We adjust the designs prepared by us to the expectations of consumers on a given market, legal conditions and design habits, which are unique for individual national markets and target groups. We carefully choose what kind of information to put on the label in order to most effectively encourage the recipient to reach for a new brand. Cooperation with best graphic designers, as well as artists, guarantees the creation of a unique, eye-catching label that will distinguish your product from others.

Build your own brand


Luxurious liquor deserves an elegant packaging. Choose from a variety of boxes and packages, that will help make your spirit stand out even more. From standard cardboard boxes to metal cans or even wooden boxes – we will guarantee the right packaging for your bottle. We work with packaging manufacturers whose experience guarantees the highest quality of the products offered. We also take into account all the restrictions related to packaging, transport and storage of non-standard packaging, providing customers with appropriate support in logistics matters.